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Calle Belosa, 5

Alhama Springs

03599 Altea - Altea la Vella


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For your travel to Altea you may choose to fly to Valencia or to Alicante. You have the choice amongst a couple of departure airports and airlines. Skyscanner helps you to find low cost flight dates.




Transfer to departure airport

Frankfurt FRA

Frankfurt FRA

Köln/Bonn CGN

Hahn HHN


Valencia VLC

Alicante ALC

Alicante ALC

Alicante ALC

Alicante ALC


Rail FRA - CGN 1 h 13 min

Bus FRA - HHN 1 h 50 min


Ryanair follows a strict bag policy. It is advisable to book the priority option.

Transfer from Destination Airport

For the transfer from Valencia or from Alicante, you may choose a rental car or a bus ride. The bus will arrive in Benidorm, which is close to Altea. If you arrive in Valancia and choose to go by bus, you first need to take the Metro from the airport to the bus terminal in Valencia.


Rental car



Valencia VLC

Alicante ALC

Rental car 1 h 20 min

Route via AP-7 direction Alicante - exit 64

Rental car 45 min
Route via A-70, AP-7 direction Valencia
 - exit 64

  1. Metro línea 2 Aeropuerto VLC - Túria 18 min

  2. Bus Valencia - Benidorm Valencia, Estación de Autobuses - Benidorm, Estación de Autobuses 1 h 45 min

  3. Taxi Benidorm - Altea 15 min

  1. Bus Alicante - Benidorm 
    Aeropuerto ALC - Benidorm, Estación de Autobuses 45 min

  2. Taxi Benidorm - Altea 15 min

ca. 176 EUR
max. 3 pax

ca. 19 EUR - Hotel Cap Negret

ca. 75 EUR - max. 3 pax

Be careful when choosing OK Mobility car rental. The rental company is trying to pin previous damage on the tenant. When picking up the vehicle, take photos of the car from all sides and from below at an angle, ideally create a video.


If you book your flight with Ryanair, you will get the lowest rental price directly on their website.

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